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Велогонка "Россия - от моря к морю"

Компания Шенкер в России стала официальным логистическим партнером всемирно известной гонки «Россия — от моря к морю 2014»

Компания Шенкер в России стала официальным логистическим партнером всемирно известной гонки "Россия - от побережья к побережью".

В рамках проекта, наша компания осуществляет следующие услуги: доставку груза из Австрии в Россию и обратно (включая таможенное оформление) и внутрироссийскую перевозку пяти автомобилей в г. Владивосток.

Гонка начнётся 23 июля и продолжится 24 дня.

The race started on July 23, 2014. In 24 days the prominent athlete, Wolfgang Fasching, will complete an individual ride at a distance of 10,000 kilometers along the route Vladivostok—Moscow—Saint Petersburg with accrued elevation up to 80,000 meters, across seven time zones.

ZAO Schenker provided scheduled start of the race by timely delivery of all equipment, sports nutrition and medicine from Austria to Russia. All items were delivered firstly to the terminal in Vienna, where they received, consolidated and packed the cargo. Then it was sent by air to Moscow and the project participants received the cargo by noon, after forty-minute customs clearance. At the same time, DB Schenker shipped five specialized escort vehicles from Moscow to Vladivostok by rail.

"First of all, this project is interesting because of its comprehensiveness,” said Ilya Medvedsky, Head of DB SCHENKERsportsevents at ZAO Schenker. “Equipment and sports nutrition delivery required simultaneous item collection from different suppliers and it is extremely challenging. However, our careful planning and coordination ensured the scheduled project implementation. The vehicles were shipped from Moscow railway station Tovarnaya-Paveletskaya. They were equipped with auxiliary equipment — bike racks and luggage boxes on the roofs. Our recommendations for strapping and the right choice of the container for the equipment ensured quick loading without any unpleasant surprise,” he added.

After the event closing ceremony, ZAO Schenker will provide the final logistics in order to return the sporting equipment to the athlete’s homeland.

Wolfgang Fasching is an Austrian cyclist and three-time winner of Race Across America (1997, 2000, 2002), two-time world champion of the 24-hour race (1999, 1997). He has also set world records in the 24-hour race in 2002 (856 km), in the 12-hour race in 1995 (462 km) and in the Race Across Australia in 1999 (over 4,000 kilometers).

ZAO Schenker is the national company of DB Schenker Logistics in Russia. DB Schenker stands for the transport and logistics division of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways). ZAO Schenker was founded in 1992. Today, the company offers the full range of logistics services via a national network with offices in 24 Russian cities and employs more than 1,000 staff.

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